About Pillai Shyamkumar Sadashivan

Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan is a dedicated business leader with a wealth of experience in marketing and corporate operations. Collaborating with Patrick D’Souza, who also possesses an impressive skill set, they ventured into the metal industry and founded a pioneering firm known as Metal Care Centre (MCC). Despite lacking prior experience in the metal sector, both executives held Master’s Degrees and relevant certifications that empowered them to establish a brand that would eventually rival longstanding industry players.

In a mere four years, Shyam Kumar Sadashivan Pillai, alongside his partner, transformed their company into an exemplary model for aspiring business leaders. Their journey serves as an inspiring testament, demonstrating that a career in the metal business can be a promising avenue for recent graduates, even those with minimal prior experience. One of their noble contributions to the field is their commitment to educating and mentoring the younger generation, fortifying the industry's knowledge base.

Our principles

We prioritize delivering high-quality steel products and ensuring their reliability for our customers.

Sustainable Growth

Innovation and Technology

Quality and Reliability

We embrace innovation and leverage cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the steel industry.

We are committed to sustainable growth by adopting eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact.

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